In this post we will present an interesting series of posters of various dinosaurs dressed as superheroes. You gotta love this mashup: prehistoric beast meets comic book superhero. I would be terrified if I live in prehistoric times and I saw any of these guys roaming around. I mean, being a dinosaur is badass enough, but one with superpowers? I say give these guys their own TV show for sure. I’m not sure what prompted artist David Resto to recreate various Avengers and X-Men in dinosaur form, but I’m sure as hell glad he did. Otherwise I might never have witnessed the glory that is Velociraptor Wolverineme, Triceratops Captain America or Brontosaurus Iron Man, among others.
This needs to be the basis of the next major Marvel crossover, I’ve been wanting to write a story about Spider-Man as a dinosaur for years, but until that time finally comes, we’ve got all of Resto’s amazing Avengersaurs right here!

About the Author: Alex Roman

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  • Zipline:

    This is awesome! I love both dinosaurs and superheros. The only way this could be better is if they were robot dinosaur superheros!

  • mrcapncaveman:

    Love it!

  • Danielle:

    That Iron Man / Brontosaurus was so ridiculous it made me laugh haha!

  • Sandra:

    what they need to do is do a “DC Dinosaurs” miniseries to compete with “Marvel Zombies”.

  • Tom Ross:

    This makes me happy, ergo this is a good article.

  • Cheryl John:

    Hulkasaurus Rex is pretty awesome, but unfortunately it means that his Namor (a spinosaurus, perhaps?) can’t use the catch phrase “Imperiusaurus Rex!”

  • Slim Marley:

    Hilarious but please don’t give Marvel anymore bad ideas they are more than capable of foisting off nonsense like this on their own.Wait they wouldn’t be able to use this because they would actually have to pay the guy …right? Then again maybe not.

  • Nancy Rod:

    I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to something involving Gambit before!

  • Garry:

    LOL, those are adorable. :D