Scoreboard was created for freelance professionals and small teams, it allows individuals and small teams to easily create estimates, track time and expenses, and invoice clients. It's the best way to keep an eye on what you've estimated, billed, been paid and are owed.

Much better and more professional than expected. While I think it is a bit beyond simple, it really is simple to use.

Get paid faster by creating estimates, tracking progress, invoicing clients and getting paid online.


As your company grows, invoicing can quickly become a source of confusion, wasted effort and headaches if you don’t go about it in an organized manner. This is where Scoreboard comes in, it works well for any professional individual or team.

About the product:

Scoreboard it's simple and good tool to keep track of the history of all of your projects. Products can be re-used. Open projects can easily be converted to invoices; and, it's easy to share invoices with clients. You can download invoices as PDFs, email them directly to clients, or add clients to invoices so they can view them online. Scoreboard focuses on making estimating, tracking, and invoicing simple for individuals and small teams. It focus on the health of the business more in the future which is an area where Scoreboard can add some unique value.invoice-website

Go Mobile:

You can handle all of your invoicing and tracking needs from your phone or tablet. Now it's easy to stay up-to-date with tracking time and expenses while you're away from your desk. Improve the cashflow of your business by enabling your entire team to stay current with your projects' hours and expenses from anywhere. No need to wait until everyone is back in at headquarters to track hours and send invoices.

Where can I sign up?

You can get a 30-day free trial of Scoreboard at You won't be asked for a credit card. Signing up only requires an email address and password, or a Twitter, Facebook or G+ account. When your trial is complete there are plans that range from $15 to $45 per month depending on the size of your team. There are no limits except for the size of your team.

People really want to understand which product they should pick and why, for this kind of job we recommend Scoreboard.





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  • Shaun
    2013-04-05 10:52:25
    Worth a try guys. Good Luck!
  • Maduka C. Paul
    2013-04-05 10:53:48
    Thanks for the tip Alex, signed-up to Scoreboard last week and it’s good stuff all the way. I hate accounting; never thought I’d enjoy using any system, yet this one is a joy!
  • Tom Alexander
    2013-04-05 10:55:32
    Simply Invoice : Reasonably easy to use the website.
  • Kelsey Henion
    2013-04-05 10:56:02
    I am using for all my billing needs, it works really well and what I like the best is that it is so simple to use, everything is crystal clear from day one!