I’ve always done the coding and design for all of my projects myself for various reasons. I guess I’ve gotten into the habit of doing all the work and, frankly, I thought working with someone else’s code would be inconvenient. This made it hard for me to choose a company but, recently, a friend of mine who has had a lot of success with Netlings recommended them to me so I thought I would give them a try and see what the results were like.

In this Review I’m going to give you my impression of the work they did for me including their process, timeliness and level of communication with me. Due to privacy issues I won’t be able to show any screen shots of the actual coded pages Netlings created for me (2 of them, a homepage and inner page) but I’m positive that the information I’m going to provide in this Review will be of some help to those looking for a PSD to HTML service company.


About Netlings

  • Netlings has been in operation since 2008 providing PSD to HTML services in 3 variants;
  • Standard - $80.00 per home page and $40.00 per inner page
  • Responsive - $100.00 per home page and $50.00 per inner page
  • Mobile - $60.00 per home page and $30.00 per inner page

They also have quite a large number of add-ons that you can request depending on your specific project.

The Ordering Process

Ordering was streamlined and thus quick and painless. After giving my email, some basics about my project and a link to the designs I was done and, as soon as I clicked ‘submit’, I was sent a confirmation email with the login info to my new account.psdtohtml

This allowed me into their ‘Backstage’ project management page where I could see that my order was being reviewed by the Netlings team. That evening they contacted me to clarify some things and, using Backstage, I discussed details with the account manager assigned to me. I quickly received all the specifics for my project as far as timing and cost and approved the order, paying 50% of the costs up-front. A confirmation email again was sent, making this one of the best buying experiences I have ever had with any type of company online.

1st Preview

Approximately 1 day after my initial order and payment I got my 1st Preview from Netlings showing the progress that they had made. It showed what they had completed and also allowed me to leave feedback. The Backstage system even let me create a custom preview of the latest completed work. While the results weren’t perfect (it was a work in progress, to be sure) I was impressed by the fact that they let me in on what was happening and how things were progressing, a service that I don’t believe very many other online companies provide their customers.

The Final Result

The next day another email arrived alerting me to the fact that my project had been completed. Once I had logged into Backstage I was able to see everything and I’m glad to say that all the code, Javascripts and pages were working perfectly. I also used the link they provided to download the files (in ZIP form) and review all the code, validating the HTML and CSS first. Both passed with flying colors. I was happy to see that and also very pleased with the fact that the directory structure was clean, logical and well organized as well as all of the code. The CSS file was also easy to understand and neatly divided and commented into a few basic sections. Classes and IDs were also logically named and easy to follow. psdtowordpress

Of course whenever you work with someone else’s code there are always a few things that you would probably do differently but those, in my case, were only a matter of preference and not due to ‘bad’ code. One of the reasons I have been tentative about using PSD to HTML services in the past was that I didn’t want to waste time trying to figure out what the coder had done. With Netlings I’m happy to say that this wasn’t the case and was a non-issue. I recommend their services very highly.

A day later I had completed the rest of my client’s requested inner pages (which didn’t require and css modifications) and presented it to them. They requested some minor changes and so I contacted Netlings to see if they would implement them. They not only said yes and quickly made said changes but did them for no extra cost! As with all of their communication they were prompt, helpful and extremely professional.

GIT Repository and Team Access

In Netlings’ Backstage system all of the project code is stored in a GIT repository. I found that not only could I access this info but I could also add my own team members so that they could communicate on my behalf. This makes managing projects much easier and, in fact, made Netlings one of the most streamlined PSD to HTML services I have had the pleasure of using.


When you compare PSD to HTML providers you’ll see all sorts of turnaround-time promises. With Netlings I was given an estimated time of delivery which I was very pleased with. Frankly, coding takes time and I would rather that the code and the project are done well than done quickly. In my opinion Netlings provided a good balance of quality and speed.

Overall Experience

Overall I was very pleased with the service I received from Netlings. As I stated earlier I have been uncertain about using a PSD to HTML service in the past but I am pleased to say that this was an excellent experience and I am certain that I will use their services in the future. They helped me to better streamline my website production process and saved me a fair amount of time in the process. I feel very comfortable recommending Netlings to other designers and I am sure I will use their services again.

About the author

Alex Roman

Independent graphic artist and architect based in Bucharest. I really love what i do!

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    2013-02-20 09:01:56
    I’ve tried a few of these PSD to HTML companies, and would recommend them.
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    2013-02-20 09:09:35
    just what i was looking for, Alex. perfect timming!
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    2013-02-20 09:12:24
    Good post this is really helpful.