Ever wanted to see Pokemons redesigned with a more realistic and fearsome look? Here is our selection of Pokemon characters, (re)designed by great artists. I was so impressed with this work, I had to share. I don’t need to say much more. The pieces speak for themselves. The end results of all the characters are incredible good!
Which ones are your favorites? Please share your comments with us!

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign




Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign



Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign


Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign


Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign





Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

Realistic Pokemon Character Redesign

About the Author: Alex Roman

I'm a 24-year old independent graphic artist and architect based in Bucharest and also the co-owner of iCanBeCREATIVE. I specialize in branding for small businesses and startups: logos, websites, flyers, posters; mostly everything a brand may need to put the word out there in a professional way.

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  • Tim w:

    Wani c: first of all they are monsters- pocket monsters to be exact. And the plural is Pokemon, not pokemons!

  • Jonathan:

    Drawings are good, but you forgot about the black lines on Lucario’s face.

  • Loading Username....:

    just wondering can you try and also find the realistic versions of the other characters like Nurse Joy and Ash Ketchum cause that would be intresting

  • danny:

    I don’t think chansey is suppose to be a bird…but good work buddy

  • harsh:

    Good work some of them are totally amazing so realastic like cyndaqil ,qulava ,typhlosian,syther, but some how pokemon like togepi ,mudkip,vepreon,are a lot cuter.
    Main tain cuteness just like you maintain in grass and water type pokemon and pikachu
    And i m turely amazed who you create ghost type they are really awesome
    You people rocks ..
    Keep it up and show us some more real pokemon……..

  • Lee Rankin:

    Damn now im intrested in pokemon again

  • Dani:

    Holy crap some of these are absolutely terrifying. A few of them are really cool (namely the first Blastoise and the Umbreon) but most of them make me want to run screaming.

    That being said, the art itself is outstanding! I wish I had that kind of talent!!

  • elliott:

    they r cool

  • totaly awesome:

    It’d be cool if someone made a real life Pokémon film using some of the art designs!!! That would be epic (“)>

  • DeeNastie:

    Man these are epic !!!! Awwwwwww inspiring and gorgeous!!! I wish i had these skills! Hands down to the artist and their creativity.

  • Kkyle:

    WTF did they do to togepi??? D:

  • Ashley:

    2 words: cool, freaky,

  • Ashley:

    My favorite pokemon is mewtwo and when I looked at the piture of him up there I’m just like WHOA that’s not him(some are kind of freaky)

  • ummmm:

    how is anyone hating? this is so imaginative … they need to make a realistic pokemon movie geared towards the first generation for us 25 yr olds who only know the first 150 xP would be awesome

  • Keith:

    Some of these are pretty cool but really dude what’s with the blood and polywrath

  • fabrizio:

    my childhood……destroyed…..

  • jacksonator:

    and so the nightmares begin…

  • wombats20:

    If Tim Burton did a Pokémon movie…

  • The General:

    This is the shit of nightmares but I have to admire the dedication to making realistic pictures of Pokémon but hey at least there is no Espurrs in these pictures cause that would give you nightmares for sure

  • Terry:

    This guy have Tim Burton´s sindrome… it´s the only explanation!!

  • JGB:

    Great photos. Also agree that some should retain the cuteness factor, but great job on interpreting the types to there environment

  • Leo Suzuki:

    A lot of these look amazing. Like, actually realistic while keeping the essence of the original pokemon. but some of these…just look like they were drawn to look creepy.

  • Anon:

    Why does Raichu have humanoid hands? I mean, it’s a rodent… But it has opposable thumbs?

  • Jay:

    I don’t know. They are really amazing, and it took a lot of talent to draw them, but it still disturbs me and kind of ruined the essence of Pokemon. I think people latch on to them because they are so humanlike. Not because they look like monsters. Umbreon looked FUCKING AWESOME THOUGH

  • Arvind:

    I have no idea what you guys are on about. This is Alex’s illustrations of Pokemon.
    You are a son of a gun ! Those are some serious ass kicking drawing. Totally loved it. Take a bow.

  • lukas:

    now send this to Sony and require a “mature “Pokemon game, i think 1rst” Pokemon generation” will be almost over 18.
    (but some from the cute pokemons should stay cute)

  • joe:

    This is no where realistic. They all look like they are from a horror movie or turned into zombies. Some don’t even resemble the pokemon they are supposed to be.

  • Stretch:

    This is amazing! I would love it if they made an adult version of Pokemon in a real game and used Pokemon like this! It would be insanely cool!

  • jacobZ_jacob:

    dat togepie is soo creepy

  • Annamaria:

    Wauw, really love Mewtwo and Gastly! :D

  • Wolff:

    Absoutly Amazing. The MewTwo is really something… You are a smart person to think of that. It’s dead on perfect like omg.

  • Jay:

    Id like to see an artwork on my favorite pokemon. Golem

  • erik:

    puxa ficou aterrorisante, mas legal

  • naruko:

    Gengar scared the sh** out of me but ironically my fave pokemon looked like a badass glowing wolf

  • alan:

    son bastante buenos te felicito hermano!

  • Bailey:

    You ruined mudkip

  • rick!:


  • João Gabriel:

    Thats Umbreons as very beautiful, I love yet.

  • Preetij:

    Each one a master-piece in its own sense, though i wouldnt have loved watching pokemon if they really looked…surely would have scared the hell out of me…kudos to your work…

  • madhatter90:

    So I say we just let Them be. Togepi was especielly disturbing

  • JR:


  • Sammy:

    They are so awesome!

  • Estoperfarlo:

    Dude, do Gardevoir, (but a sexy version but also realistic)

  • Harish:

    I would like a darkrai too…but Umbreon and Milotic were my Favorite!

  • miguel:

    your f.d up

  • Azulacat14:

    um no thank you! Except for Umbreon. I love umbreon!

  • Will:

    This makes me kinda glad Pokemon dont exist…. though i still love the original 102!

  • Jen:

    That Togepi will haunt my nightmares…

  • Jamesmate:

    Charmander, not Chameleon. *

  • Jamesmate:

    Most of these were great. I loved the concept of Hybrid, Pokemon meets Humanity, in the MewTwo shot but Mew itself was a let down. Chameleon and a lot of Bulbasaurs lacked the original design, despite the artwork being amazing. I loved the Lucario, the Alakazam (despite not agreeing with his mane), the Typhlosion (because that is how they would raised their young), Victreebell, the Blastoise before MewTwo, and both Koffing and Weezing. Mum looks difficult, but I couldn’t say I think that’s what it would be like. Keep it up, I’d love to see each of the 151.

  • Sean:

    I see you are missing flareon and espeon.

  • EpiCs:

    good/fail… they all look too alien like… like half of the eevee evolvments are good and the alien part goes well with mewtwo but just no on the rest…

  • Remy Renard:

    Awesome!! Some are kinda scary but pretty cool!!

  • Ju:

    wow these are better than the real thing. If pokemon looked like these I would actually like them way more. Seriously, if pokemon even existed this is closest to what they would look like. Not creepy at all, BADASS.

  • DOMO:

    these ar pretty bad ass, you should draw a raikou

  • Oaks:

    I gotta say, the alakazham and the lucario are the best two.

  • YT:

    By far, one of my favorite posts by you guys. Creepy but very detailed and nicely done.

  • Poonam:

    Those all r really scary…n having lot of scope for improvement

  • Celeste:

    TRUE some are a little too out there but forget all those people who say they dont like these man! Im a girl and i say forget them! these are some of the best concepts for pokemon realism out there! great job love it!

  • nadia:

    i don’t like it. The art is great and everything but they are ungly and creepy I would never want it a pokemon like this if i was a pokemon trainer.

  • shot-1un:

    These are the dopest set of pics I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I agree with some people on the thread who say some of the pokemon should be more cute but yo I think these are spot on (with the exception of togepi, chansey, the first charmander, and wtf is up with Raichu throwing me dueces? lol). My top 3, Poliwrath, Milotic, and Lucario. Another 50 please and thanks – Blaow

  • Adriana:

    Wow these are amazing I do have to admit though I think ones like Pikachu, Eve, Mew should’ve been … cuter… Lol that’s just the girl opinion though, Eve looks kinda creepy. Overall they look awesome, well done!

  • PokeDesigner:

    I love this! this is the things i hope to be able to do

  • matthew:

    That Poliwhirl (or Poliwrath) Creeped me out -_-,
    IS THAT POLIWHIRL eating that poor little poliwag?

  • douzo:

    your works are awesome,but in my opinion,could you make some of them look a bit more graceful or cuter?? for some of the cute and beautiful characters…

  • cattleya:

    I like the Typhlosions the most

  • Steven:

    Do one of Altaria please

  • B.G.:

    The creepier they are the better, with some exceptions ( chancy, mew, and togepi right off the bat ). None of the Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venesaur pics really clicked, i would like to see those improve. Overall, these are awesome, and i wish i could draw like this

  • Falius:

    …While some rare of them (namely Ghastly, Haunter (NOT GENGAR) and few more) are similiar to originals, most are totally not like the real ones…

  • static:

    some of them look about right but some don’t and what’s with all the circular mouths full of teeth?

  • foxfire:

    The togepi got me like wtf, it still creeps me out. I’d kick it if it looked like that.

  • June:

    Very Nice!!!! Never thought cute Pokemons can become scary. ;-) All renditions are awesome. Especially the one with Bulbasaur lifecycle thing.

  • uj.uj:

    woow these r simply awesome!!! a realistic touch!

  • sunofwhales:

    Sheer amazingness. Are any of these available as prints for purchase?

  • mike:

    I will never seen pokemon the same like before again.

  • mitch:

    they should make a pokemon movie (real life) and use these pictures and make them into real life, if that all makes sense, haha

  • Maxine:

    HOLY COW!!!!!!! I would so keep them all as pets. But i would pee my pants if i saw the mew. *Shiver*

  • Concerned:

    Yea some of these are too creepy, not enough diversity in your art. Not all of them would be so weird in real life. Try and change things up

  • vincent:

    sheeze! Y0ur art is s0 fantastic!but it freaked me out to seE s0me p0kem0ns that l00ks like mutants. I d0nt wanNa hug my togepi again! Haha

  • Adam:

    well, after looking through these, the artwork is amazing, id have to say, if these things were real, and we had pokeballs to catch em in, it would be awsome…Mew 2 reminds me of an alien….just an alien… awsome job though…look forward to seeing more of em.

  • Jon:

    They’re all amazing. The art is great. I love it. But they just creep me out lol. But they look so realistic, it’s not even funny. Great job!

  • holy crap:

    holy crap!! some of them are plain ugly but the others…i was so shocked. oh my god. your skills are fricken AMAZING!! holy crap is all i have to say. idk which is my fave.

  • frosty:

    i just wish they werent so creepy looking

  • matt k:

    Loved them I think they should do a live action movie with these styled characters

  • irvan:

    pokempn contains subliminal message/pictures who can hypnotize children

  • Flubba Dunbar:

    Way to ruin the series

  • melena:

    that’s what i called AARRTT AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!!!!! i wish i had that skill!!!

  • roddy:

    love them all they are so awesome iwant them to make a real life movie i reckon it would look good

  • Pravein:

    They are awesome! In reality they would surely be like this. I think mewtwo is very realistic compared to others. Continue the good work. It really caught my eye. All the best!!!

  • paopao:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh my mudkip is so hidius but nice work though

  • oh:

    they’re evil

  • Liam:

    ‘I choose YOU – WEEZING!’

  • faiz al-qurni:

    Amazing, i love the blastoise one :)

  • Ron:

    well…the only thing that stays close to real pokemon is snorlax and lucario,the rest r pure creepy.wtdouche…

  • ray:

    I’d piss my pants if I ever seen Mr.mime in real life

  • Gsviolin:

    Nice work!!!
    lol i magine somebody huuging this togepi….:s

  • karen:

    hi!there those where amazing the way u transform them from cute to creepy im so amaze and im a bit scared hehe..

  • Michelle:

    O.O I just cried for thirty minutes…. Oh god i just saw Mew again. In going to throw up. Its not that they are terrible, they just freak the crap out of me (like Togepy). I mean theyre great… but that just ruined my (Ctd.) childhood. I am scarred fo life

  • jc:

    wow. . .im a fan and i really like it. . .eventhough the pokemon’s cuteness was not shown^^,

  • Monica:

    You have great talent, I’ve seen also your website.Hope you’ll be succesfull and wish you best of luck!

  • Razor:

    They are not cute but pretty awesome styling skills though

  • rembrandt:

    its scary..

  • jata:

    i like ur talent… awesome…browo

  • Jim:

    Amazing design!

    But Chansey should be a bit bigger and a bit sturdy..if i remember right..its the most gentle pokemon but also a tough one if its mad…the design for chansey looks like it wont be able to get up if it was tackled ^_^

  • Antonio:

    Lucario, Scyther, Mew, Umbreon…..LOOOOVE! This was really well done…..I’m in awe….kudos to the artist!

  • KW:

    Mewtwo looks like Voldermort!!!!

  • Hanzi:

    HOLY CRAP, THESE ARE AMAZING. They’re not cute, but the cutesy image of pokemon are totally unrealistic. I could recognize each one, and this is pretty much how I guess they’d be in real life! And SOME of them are cute. Some of the more sinister pokemon, though? Totally. Freakin’. Awesomely. Creepy.

  • Dan:

    I love these, this makes pokemon cool again and I completely disagree with people saying they should be cuter. Cute does not equal realistic and if they were cute they would just look like the childrens cartoon. Great take on this! Just awesome.

  • Cat:

    Very nice drawings. Although some pokemons should be cuter because it doesn’t match them gruesome looking. But the ones who does looks simply amazing.

  • ro:

    they should remake pokemon in this style, amazing, and think more intresting for adults

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    Really nice tips, i learned more. And it is more useful for me.. Please keep on post like this..

  • brody:

    this makes me wat an umbreon….although the other ones creep me out O.o (i had a nightmare with that darn gengar in it *shudders*)

  • gideon:

    well this is the reason why pokémon have been cutisized, if they were like this then no children would watch it >.<

  • Henry Beuving:

    They’re all epic, but not cute. These have taken away the cuteness of Pokemon.

  • adam henry:

    And I have to do what a 12 years old?

    Seriously though, the reason some of these are creepy are because of something called the uncanny valley. The artwork transalates not unreality to reality, but approachible caricatures (ingraved into our minds to be cute) to inapproachible, insinent beast.

    all in all I love it.

  • Holly:

    I personally think all these drawings are amazing, but I prefer Pokemon the old fashioned way. The original show and trading cards were based on manga and anime. I think the originals are much more traditional and they’re way cuter! :D

  • Getto:

    Some are ewww…
    Some are awesome…
    Some looked too real for me to accept that it was true (Togepy for instance)
    But over all I like them!!!

  • dan:

    man this design are so amazing if u can make a game from this design it will be more awsome and loved by this game s fan than the old pokemon they are all the same or making a movie is perfect too thnx

  • gar:

    amazing is the only word for this.

  • Andrea~:

    These are amazing. Stuff of nightmares, yes, and terrifyingly detailed, but utterly amazing. I’m starting to regret those fantasies of having Pokemon in real life. *shudder* I’d probably be traumatized for life if I woke up to a realistic Togepi or a Venonat staring at me.

  • Wani C:

    THE CREATIONS ARE AWESOME, but I think some Pokemons should retain their cuteness..:)

    They’re not monsters.. :)
    But I love the pictures anyway.. :) (who am I to critic an artists interpretation?)

  • Eefa:

    This is absolutely amazing <3

  • Eefa:

    This is absolutely amazaing <3

  • Kent:

    The art in itself is creepy and very aggressive. You would never expect to envision them like this in real humanoid like art. But in some deep, visceral level, I kinda am not surprised. Simply amazing and beautiful. It just screams the word “Monsters” in “Pokemon”. Kudos to the artists!

  • Connal Santvoort:

    WOW this is totally amazing, the way they have been portrayed is completely unique
    would love to see all of them drawn like this

  • Rachelle:

    If Pokemon were real, and they looked anything like the above art, if anything ever approached me EVER I would just scream and run. SCREAM AND RUN!

  • Alan:

    Wow, amazing designs..would look cool on a website!

  • Gabriel Pellizzaro:

    raichu looks pretty awesome

  • Miguel Riveros:

    That would be the sickness remake ever made of cartoon!

  • Tunca Ertör:

    wow, real pokemons huh?artwork is beutiful for sure but truth is truth, pokemon is ruined(tough, lots of things happens here to ruin my childhood but non of them ever gets a succes.do i have stone heart?)

  • Jacob Peeler:

    Pikachu, Charmander, Gengar, Haunter, and Muk are mine!

  • Anthony W Avery:

    These are seriously amazing. Anyone who used to play Pokemon, look at these.

  • Gomez Mentado:

    Wow…the polywrath is brutal stuff.

  • Nicholas:

    Some hit and some miss. But overall, awesome art.

  • Zaren Nacario:

    Ughhh its toooo detailed!

  • Piotr Sielski:

    I agree with most of these pictures, but I really don’t think that’s wat mime would look like.

  • Dan Joseph Panaligan:

    the Pikachu, Sandslah, and Gastly, are awesome, but it destroy my favorite poliwhrath!

  • Ricardo Vega Rosell:

    Oh my god, pokemon in real life are hella scary.

  • Daniel Péger:

    I am appalled and disgusted! Yet… I’m amazed. So, so amazed. This is real art.

  • Cheryl John:

    Many of them are utterly weird, whilst some of them are actually acceptable. Still, I admire the amount of imagination this guy has.

  • Yunus Karaca:

    The last cindaquil evolution rulz!

  • Ryan Nicholas:

    Lets hope for a real life movie of Pokemon (fanboy scream)!

  • Oliver:

    Scary but awsome at the same time.

  • jennifer:

    HD POKEMONS!! you can see their true colors! .. hahaha

  • Hannnah:

    I just happened to stumble across your web site and I love it.I will visit it often from now on.

  • Birthea Lem:

    some of the most precious pic i’ve ever seen. This really brightens my day! Thanks to my soe for sending it to me and thank you!!!

  • Danielle:

    I admire you compilation, thank you Alex!

  • Fererra D.:

    nice collection ! thanks for sharing !

  • Gianna M.:

    As always great stuff!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Andrew:

    Awesome, as usual , thank you!