Thеsе realistic fantasy creatures wеrе created bу thе doll mаkеr known аs Santani from deviantArt, a 23-year-old woman from Moscow, Russia. Santani usеs clay, faux fur аnd intricate hаnd painting tо create sоmе truly unique аnd super cute lооking crеаtures. It’s scary how real they look. Although some of you might find these little monsters creepy, some of them are certainly very cute. The good news is that you can buy one of these if you contact the artist directly.

These adorable monster dolls will sure fill your heart with joy!



The artist may have expected people to like them, but she was unprepared for the huge positive feedback she got. Right now she is received hundreds of orders.







The artist has completely mastered the power of "cuteness". I'm amazed how incredibly detailed they are.








The fantasy creatures are made using different types of materials like fabric fur, fimo, cernit, sonet and sculpey.






What’s awesome about the creatures is that they are both cartoonish and realistic, the proportions and structures are strange and otherworldly and the details on their eyes and paws are extraordinarily life-like.

These adorable creatures might blink at any moment and smile at you, or even bite you!

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  • Ramy Wafaa
    2014-01-24 22:59:18
    That is one talented woman with a very creative mind.
  • Henrique Silvério
    2014-01-24 23:01:43
    Unbelievable! Really awesome! cutest nightmare ever...
  • Evan Byrne
    2014-01-24 23:01:58
    Breathtaking! The beginning of a wonderful career.
  • Samuel Ondrek
    2014-01-24 23:02:41
    Wow just amazing work i would love to buy one!
  • Philipp
    2014-01-24 23:03:02
    Very cute, creative, and great details!
  • Oskar Dahlberg
    2014-01-24 23:04:02
    Just take my money. Can you buy these anywhere?
  • Brendan M.
    2014-01-24 23:06:37
    AWESOMNESS!!!!!! I really would love to have one! Beautiful Talent, so creative....
  • Alexandr Marinenko
    2014-01-24 23:10:21
    WOW wonderful work.... that is talent....
  • Andrew Bridge
    2014-01-24 23:10:38
    Oh my gosh I want all of them...These are amazing!
  • Martina
    2014-03-18 13:47:50
    How adorable. so talented. Beautiful work.
  • APDreo
    2014-04-29 02:27:52
    These furry folks sure will make great gifts
  • 2014-06-24 18:40:43
    I really would enjoy one of these. They are so cute and look amazing! How do I request one?
    • skatermonkey
      2016-09-01 13:27:39
      i know i want one too they r so cute.