Today, we bring you a list 70 beautifully designed posters guaranteed to leave you inspired. The perfect mix of cool typography, splash of colors, and texture are very effective in catching people’s attention. As a designer, you need to stay inspired in order to produce beautiful works and satisfy your clients. By looking at great posters, you can learn a lot about composition, typography, and use of color. Posters are great tools to get cool inspiration from, these print materials often serve as a designer’s creative playground, which makes them great design resources. It’s truly amazing how many talented and gifted designers there are! I hope that you enjoy their work.

Blue Lagoon


Fix You

Enter the 36 chambers

Paris attacked by Godzilla !


Joe Bonamassa

Pray me

The Bare Essentials

24th of January [Parachute Journalists]

Timelessline Art

An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle

7 records

Stop wasting water

no(r)way today theatre play


Express your anger



We’re out looking for astronauts



Don`t go with the flow

Cosmos Summer Party / Nightclub Poster & Flayer

Tokyo 2016 poster


Wedding Invitation

I Love Typography



hell YEAH!

Kina Grannis

The Swell Season



Indie Hits

adidas about to blow 2012

Weapons of Mass Destruction


A Modern Curse


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About the Author: Alex Roman

I'm a 24-year old independent graphic artist and architect based in Bucharest and also the co-owner of iCanBeCREATIVE. I specialize in branding for small businesses and startups: logos, websites, flyers, posters; mostly everything a brand may need to put the word out there in a professional way.

I really love what I do. Want to hire me? Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

  • David Werimo:

    powerful and creative illustrations,employing simplicity at the same time.great work.

  • shunga:

    Awesome designs and good inspiration for us

  • joyce chachu:

    Love these designs.

  • seeker:

    brilliant @weapons of mass destruction artwork

  • Jordan Ewert:

    Nice examples here! Some of these vector illustrations are very very good. I wonder how long these took to design…