If you’re learning how to use photoshop, you’ll probably already have visited some of these websites. There are numerous sites where you can learn every aspect of photoshop. Here are five of my favorite photoshop tutorial websites.


psdtutsThis is probably one of the best-known photoshop tutorial websites. PSDtuts is part of the Envato network, with sister sites such as Nettuts, ThemeForest, Creattica… There are tons of tutorials that will teach you every aspect of photoshop.

If you’re interested in writing tutorials, PSDtuts pays $150 for user submitted tutorials and articles that they publish. Anyone can send in a contribution.

There’s also a PSDtuts plus membership that grants you acces to special tutorials and you can download the PSD file of every tutorial.


pshero PSHero is another website with great photoshop tutorials.

It isn’t updated as much as I’d like, but all the tutorials are top notch.

All the tutorials are very well explained in simple steps, so even the biggest photoshop-noob can understand them.

There’s also a very nice tips & tricks section, with…euh… tips and tricks for photoshop.


tutorial9 Tutorial 9 is a place where teachers, experts, and caring folk from around the world gather to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Tutorial9 is more then just photoshop tutorials. You can also learn more about photography and blogging. There’s also a big freebies section, where you can download icons, brushes…

One of the best aspects of this site is the ‘school of photoshop‘. With the help of these structured lessons, you’ll be a master of Photoshop in no time!


psdlearning PSDlearning was created by Ross Aitken in June 2008, so it’s a fairly new tutorial site. Nevertheless, this website already has some great tutorials. This website migrated from a sub-domain of blogspot.com under the name Tutorials4Photoshop which was started a month earlier.

All the tutorials are very well explained. Every tutorial has a lot of pictures that explain exactly what you should do.


psdfan On PSDfan.com you’ll find some of the highest quality tutorials.

What’s even better is that you can find a new tutorial almost every day.

There’s also a nice freebies section, that offers everything from icons to textures.

Soon, there will also be a membership area, altough I don’t know what this means yet.

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