In this post we will showcase the whole cast of the Harry Potter universe as Disney-fied versions of themselves. DeviantArtist Makani is behind these character portraits and, oh my goodness, all her work is so great. We have seen Harry Potter as an anime, but what about as a Disney movie?  Makani did an excellent job translating. These look phenomenal. Somewhere down the road, if they ever feel the need to re-boot this already perfect film franchise, I hope they do it animated. This interpretation of the former in the style of the latter makes my heart so warm that it’s bubbling. But here, just an idea of what Harry Potter would look like as a Disney movie. I’m going to forever wish this would actually become a real movie. This makes me wonder if we will ever see an animated version of Harry Potter. There’s no doubt it would be incredibly successful as a film or TV series. Check out the designs below and tell us us what you think!

About the Author: Alex Roman

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  • vu giang huong:

    Voldy has a nose!

  • Marilyn:

    Wonderful job! You are VERY good. I think making a cartoon next would be such a cool idea; little kids especially :)

  • Sonoson:

    BTW I thought Ginny’s expression/eyes is perfect.

  • Sonoson:

    Thinking about my earlier comment and looking at the Dumbledore illustration I feel like though it obviously displays him as a kind and intelligent man, it appears too innocent. Dumbledore is a good man with power and a shady past. I feel the image lacks any indication, even slight, of the massive amount of raw power Dumbledore commands.

  • Sonoson:

    I truly enjoyed these pictures. I could name every character easily without a label and though I do see obvious similarities (influence?) from the live action films the artist clearly has an understanding of the characters’ demeanor and descriptions in the books. Influence on the actors’ appearance in the films is certainly not a bad thing because I think people will be able to relate more easily (and the movie-makers did a good job casting.)

    I have to say that if I were you I would work on Dumbledore a little more. That was the only image which disappointed me, though I admit his is an enigmatic character.

  • Martin:

    Wow….!! Harry Potter’s Company from J.K. Rowling should join in Disney Company…while LucasArts Company is different and it is not for KIDS… Example: Star Wars in Cartoon style is for Kids complicated…. Harry Potter Company is definitely a Magical and Kids would like them … so LucasArts should be off….

  • Ansh:

    lol cool nice sharing………..!

  • Terri:

    These look great, but as long as Universal has The Universe of Harry Potter, I don’t think Disney will be making a movie of it.

  • ruxa:

    bravo! mult respect si incourajare pt artisti noi din romania..mult succes tie

  • crazyrough:

    Good Skill ! :)

  • Anish Joshi:

    look better than the real life characters, great illustrations!

  • rock:

    They look like elves

  • Nicole:

    Fred and George totally remind me of Kay in The Sword in the Stone. It’s amazing. I love it.

  • JR:

    Is it just me, or does Harry look too old?

  • Darren:

    …….Down…Right…….. A M A Z I N G

  • Terry:

    Movies ruin all imagination. Once a movie is made about something, all future artistic endeavors about that something reflect the movie’s imagery.

  • brian:

    why does voldemort have a nose?

  • Jimmy:

    Haha, love them all! I love Harry!

  • Amy:

    Love Hagrid ;)

  • Kudaht Halfir:

    Wow! These honestly look like concepts for a tv show…freaking brilliant. We can only dream right?

  • Jeff DeBoer:

    This is definitely classic Disney, much darker and I love it.

  • Kathryn Alesta:

    Fantastic! Love that they’re actually based on the books and not the actors.

  • Nick Gaston:

    It is interesting to compare this to the anime version of Harry Potter that was on reddit a few days ago.

  • Christine Dunbar:

    I would watch the HELL out of this, and then develop unhealthy feelings towards Cartoon Sirius.

  • Hannnah:

    Honestly I imagined them like this before I saw the movies:)

  • Lannie Tepper:

    Remake all the movies like this and we get to have another 10 years of Magic! :D

  • Katie:

    Hagrid is and always will be my favorite character in the whole series.
    It’s basically the Big Fat Santa of the place.

  • Nathan Brown:

    Just wait until Draco’s father hears about this!

  • Andrew:

    Looks more like Dreamworks, Fred and George does their signature smile.

  • Nancy Rod:

    much better than those weird manga harry potter fanarts.

  • Felipe Alvarez:

    Wow, they should really do this. I mean. all the seven movies in disney style. That would be epic. I’ll totally watch it over and over and over and over and over again.
    But they better do it like in the books!

  • Fräulein Mimi:

    Please, dear Disney, stop making crappy musical films and start animating Harry Potter based on these sketches!

  • Karim Elawady:

    it’s funny how everybody looks slightly different except snape. Snape never changes!

  • Berlacher:

    Voldemort has a nose? My father will hear about this!

  • Li Sa:

    these drawings are just freakin awesome.

  • Benedikt:

    I would pay for it!