We are offering you a very big collection of high quality grunge textures for your exceptional designing projects.

About the Grunge Design Trend: Textures offered below are created in line with the best traditions of grunge style. Stains and scratches, eroded and bleached colors, aged or sand-papered surfaces – these have always been associated with the style, known as grunge. Initially introduced in music, grunge has a significant influence on visual art as well; though grunge music is practically dead now, grunge style in visual art still remains popular, hot and demanded. Whether you are working on some graphics for website layout or a banner, logo, or some other piece of graphic design – grunge textures are capable of enriching your project with certain coloring, recognizable style and true professionalism.

Here’s some samples:

Download Grunge Texture Pack

About the Author: Alex Roman

I’m a 23-year old independent graphic artist based in Romania, Bucharest. I design beautiful, engaging user experiences and intuitive user interfaces for the web. I really love what I do. Want to hire me? Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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