I viewed the the top 20 keywords that people are searching on google and visit my blog, the most searched was “free vector bird“, i was surprised because i didn’t write a post about that, so here it is:

Photoshop Birds Brushes

Birds in Flight, 12 vectors available in EPS and SVG formats. Hope you like ‘em! Tweet Tweet :)

Free Vector Flying Birds Silhouettes

Download 660K .zip in [.eps,svg]

Bird vectors

Designed By: Vectorboom
Downloaded: 7355 times
File Type: EPS
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
Description: Free high detail vectors from our new HIGH VALUE PACK – BIRD VECTORS. Check out our brand new sets on Vectoroom.com.

Download Bird vectors

Hope you can give a great use of them in you designs.

Here are some icons of the famous twitter bird:


Download this free buttons for your Website or Application in PNG (256×128, 192×96, 128×64) format.

Download from dA >>

Download this free icons for your Website or Application. 2 icons in PNG (256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16), ICO (256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16) and ICNS (256×256, 128×128, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16) format.

IconTexto WebDev Social Bookmark Bonus 01 550 KB

Twitter Bird Icons & Illustration

by Pasquale D’Silva

The downloadble file is in .ZIP format. It includes three Twitter birds .PNG graphics of 345 x 345px, 48 x 48px icon and 48 x 48px boxed bird icon.

Twitter Bird

by Alexandre Lemieux

This is a simple Twitter bird icon. It is designed for a blog entry on Twitter.

Twitter Bird Icon

by IconTexto

Available in .PNG with various icon dimensions 256×256 px, 128×128 px, 64×64 px, 48×48 px, and 32×32 px. It is free for noncommercial usage, and you must include a credit for it.

Feed & Twitter Monster Icons

By:Dirceu Veiga

A Twitter bird roosts on a blue monster icon. The sizes of this Twitter Monster range from 16 x 16px to 512 x 512px dimension.
The pack is Available as FREE only for personal, desktop use If you need use the icons for a commercial project, you need order a commercial license.

Practika: A Free Icon Set

by DryIcons

The icons are available in various resolutions, starting by 64×64px, 128×128px and 256×256px, in 32-bit transparency PNG. The set contains 11 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency in PNG file format.

Free Twitter Buttons (Includes Animated GIFs)

by siahdesign.com

42 twitter buttons at the source page. To download, simply right clicking the image and hit the save image option. The designer supplied every version with a GIF with transparent background (21 buttons) and a PNG with white background (21 buttons).

High Resolution Twitter Bird Icons

http://thedesignsuperhero.com…. high-resolution-twitter-bird-icons/
by Aravind Ajith

The icons are free, but don’t forget to add an attribution or credit the designer if you decide to use them. Optional file to download, either it is in PSD’s or PNG versions in different dimensions ( 256px, 128 px and 64 px).

Free Twitter Graphics

by Randa Clay

Simple blue shiloute of bird twitter icon in various taglines. The source page consists of 9 PNG files and 9 transparent GIFs. Right click and save the graphic if you want to download them.

It’s Twitter Time! Free vector icon set

by Gopal Raju

The vector package set (in Fireworks file contains 4 different poses of the Twitter bird. Both PNG and PSD versions has been included in the .zip file. Free for private and commercial projects.

48px Twitter Birds Icons

by wefunction.com

The download file is packed in .ZIP format together with the other 126 icons design set. They are as tiny as 48×48px size. You can choose between boxed twitter bird and the transparent one.

Lisa’s twitter bird


Please let us know if we haven’t included your favorited Twitter Bird Icons by posting a comment bellow.

Vector Birds Wallpaper

Vector Bird Wallpaper by ~j-m-s


Blue Jay Vector -Finished- by =StormyZoonoc


Robin Wallpaper by =godlev


fantastic bird by ~zenderski


.iFly by ~turunchuQ


Veo Layout 2 of 8 by =fERs


That is all, hope you like the freebies, enjoy!

About the Author: Alex Roman

I’m a 23-year old independent graphic artist based in Romania, Bucharest. I design beautiful, engaging user experiences and intuitive user interfaces for the web. I really love what I do. Want to hire me? Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

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