The great advantage of Android is that you can customize the home screen ui. Here is a handpicked list of 35 beautiful Android home screens. From the creative, sleek and minimalist, we have found an array of stunning Android home screens made by really talented Android lovers out there.

Draw inspiration from this creative home screens and you might be able to make your own one day. Follow the image source links to find the widgets, docks or icons that the creators used in the process of making the home screens. Enjoy these modern artworks!

Getting Lost(Image Source: Eddie)

Getting Lost

Sketchy(Image Source: Vipitus)


Deep(Image Source: Kimilite)

Android Deep

Crisp Winter(Image Source: oddspec)

Crisp Winter

Lonely Street(Image Source: Vanessa)

Lonely Street

Misunderstood(Image Source: Kimilite)


Evening(Image Source: Syeiva Desylvia)


v21(Image Source: Andreas Gillstrom)


Creative SSC 12(Image Source: Florian)

Creative SSC 12

Arrow(Image Source: amachongz)


Winter(Image Source: Nathan Wallace)


Silence(Image Source: Morgan Britt)


Line(Image Source: Yihaomizhij)


Circles(Image Source: dandylion7)


Galaxy S2 Desktop .092011(Image Source: kanjimittoo)

Galaxy S2 Desktop .092011

Clood(Image Source: Davidbknox)


Colors(Image Source: a-designs)


Basic Green(Image Source: Vanessa)

Basic Green

Mr. Grey(Image Source: dandylion7)

Mr. Grey

Surf’s Up(Image Source: Keesha)

Surf's Up

Fall(Image Source: sasa408)


MNML Colocircles(Image Source: GaRyArTs)

MNML Colocircles

Marvel Vs Capcom(Image Source: Max)

Marvel Vs Capcom

Blue Skies(Image Source: Vipitus)

Blue Skies

Living Room(Image Source: rio13)

Living Room

Pixels & Sky(Image Source: Fabricio)

Pixels & Sky

Ironman(Image Source: Myles)


Sphere(Image Source: JUVS)


Calm Hues(Image Source: Vanessa)

Calm Hues

Lapsus(Image Source: Charsi Bevda)


Simple One(Image Source: NAMEEE)

Simple One

Rainy(Image Source: ex-slym)


Drops of Circles(Image Source: Jeemshah)

Drops of Circles

The One with the Shelves(Image Source: Chris Banks)

The One with the Shelves

Circles(Image Source: Aaron)


About the Author: Alex Roman

I'm a 24-year old independent graphic artist and architect based in Bucharest and also the co-owner of iCanBeCREATIVE. I specialize in branding for small businesses and startups: logos, websites, flyers, posters; mostly everything a brand may need to put the word out there in a professional way.

I really love what I do. Want to hire me? Follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Naveen Bansal:

    I am too fond of making different homescreens on my phone and i liked you screens too. I loved the lockscreen themes and will try to make wonderful themes like you.

  • Meta:

    does anyone can teach me how to set it on my android phone?

    i have no idea….i can only set for lock screen, not for all pages.


  • Yuliya Mi:

    Impressive! Thank you!

  • autumnxcolor:

    Amazing my favoirte one is blue skies

  • Omari Celestine:

    These are just amazing. I would sure like one of those on my Android phone.

  • Enk.:

    and my favorite one is v21. :P

  • Enk.:

    Some are really beautiful !

  • Rahul Chowdhury:

    this is why i love Android! thank you for this list!

  • pylodesign:

    some really nice setups …thanks for the links too!

  • JTCproduction:

    wicked !!!

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    WOW! amazing )

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    Amazing compilation. Thanks.