ps-actionsI'm a photographer and I love making my photos look good in the shortest amount of time possible. When I first discovered actions, I began to download every action I could get my hands on.

Actions are basically a set of formulas that let you quickly create a look for your images. Let’s say you want to add a reddish/blue hue to your image. Instead of having to add the red layer and then the blue layer separately, if you had a red/blue action then you could easily apply this to your image and even several hundred images easily. This makes it easy to replicate the looks of others.

Over the years some of the actions I used were pretty good, but the majority of them sucked. When one person makes a set of actions, they usually create the actions for use in their own work. The result is that it doesn't fit other people’s photos.

But when I got a chance to try out’s actions, I actually jumped for joy. Almost every single action is solid, and some of them are pretty spectacular.

Check out some of the looks I got:





Whether you need a vintage look, some light leaks, color tone enhancement, or faux-HDR, this set of actions has anything you need. In total, there are over 200 actions in 15 different sets.

Usually they sell for $17 per set for a total of $238 (one of them is normally free), but they are on sale now at PhotoWhoa for a whopping 93% off. You really have nothing to lose.

Note: PhotoWhoa curates and sells discounted products for photographers, digital artists, and Photoshop users. It’s been around since 2011 to help bring innovative products to the masses at discount prices.

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  • Andrew M.
    2013-04-24 21:18:37
    some of the ps actions are pretty good!
  • Kristeen Mark
    2013-04-25 06:41:25
    great share Alex, always wanted some professional actions for my photos. thank you.
  • 2013-04-30 03:34:41
    Hey Alex Wonderful effects. Thanks a lot for sharing!!
  • 2013-06-08 11:35:48
    Yeah.! very nice website i am sharing your site and also bookmark..